Load Cell,s

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Best quality of Load cells. Many types of load cells are available. MASTER LOADCELLS are Available.

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Load Cell,s

Testing Maschines

Easy Installation & Automatic Operation

Best in Class And Innovative Design. Also Customisable Design.Industrial Standards Are Maintained Design And Working.

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Testing Maschines

Industrial Equipments &

Systems. Digital & Computerised.

Cyclic Corrosion Test is an accelerated corrosion test that produces a corrosive attack on the samples

Industrial Equipments

Our Products

Our focus on developing high end testing equipment's not presently developed in India. This we are doing to be a part of MAKE PROUDLY IN INDIA.programme of Government of India.

Load Cell,s

Load Cell,s

HENOBIX LOADCELL,S are Best in class accuracy of 0.001 gm.
Cone Calorimeter Download Brochure
Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber

Beam/Platform load cell

HENOBIX LOADCELL,S Best in class accuracy of 0.001 gm.

UV Chamber

Round type Loadcell,s

  • HENOBIX LOADCELL,S are best in class.
  • Accuracy 0.001 gm minimmum
  • High maximum irradiance levels of >1.55 W/m2 (UVA) and >1.23 W/m2 (UVB)
  • temperature sensor technology for improved accuracy
  • Air heated protection IP67
Xenon Test Chamber

Pressure Transducer

  • 1 bar to 600 barBest in class
  • Air-cooled for ultimate reliability and ease of maintenance
  • German technology
  • .
  • Large specimen capacity
Tensile Testing Machine

Torque Sensor

Torque Sensor wide range available. 2NM TO 2000NM, ANGULAR & ROTATIONAL.


Rotary Encoders

  • Temperature Range 0°C ~ 200°C
  • Temperature Controlling Accuracy < 5°C
  • Resolution 0.001mm
  • Power Supply 100 ~260V, 50/60HZ
  • Weight .150-kgs (approx)
Digital Display,s

Digital Display,s

The HENOBIX AUTOMATION SYSTEM HENOBIX is a Brand it makes all maschines and tools its own. DIGITAL/COMPUTERISED DISPLAYS with Eight channels.

and many other features like, peak load. division. tension. compression. also units = kg, ton, bar, mm, nm, etc.

UTM Maschines

The UNIVERSAL TESTING MASCHINE is available in various range. max = 200 ton. and also we provide software for load vs time graph and many other features.
Smallignition Test Download Brochure

CTM Maschine

Electrical: 230 volts – Nominal 10 Amps or hydrolics,
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 85°C
Sensor:pressure transducer is used .And also varies or requirement.
Pressure: 0.1 bar -- 600 bar (2000KN)
Fire Propagation of Products Test Equipment Download Brochure

Computerised Spring Testing Maschine

Technical Specifications:

Electrical:230 V AC, 50 Hz or 115 V AC 60 Hz
SPRINGS: size varies behalf of samples.
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 85°C
Dimensions: varies behalf of requirement
Horizontal Flammability Test Chamber Download Brochure
Tensile testing maschine

Tensile testing maschine

Technical Specifications:

Product Details: System status Digital with Computer Interface Resolution of Displ 0.01 mm Speed 50 to 520 mm/ minute Machine Capacity Available in 100Kgf/ 1KN, 500Kgf/5 KN, 1Tonf/ 10KN, 2Tonf/ 20KN, 5Tonf/ 50KN, 10Tonf/ 100KN Number of Screws Twin Software The windows based software on interfacing with computer Data Entry Through software PC Connectivity RS - 232 Reports printouts Graphical-data type reports can be printed through software Load Cell S - Type Load Cell Unit Kg/ N/ Ton/ kN Crosshead Travel 1200 mm We are offering a wide range of Computerized Tensile Testing Machine.
Full size chamber door, including an observation window and covering door
Instrument panel to left of chamber for ease of operation
Fixed irradiance vertical oriented heater (25kW/m²)

Push button/software controlled pneumatic lower vent assembly with high capacity extraction fan to efficiently extract smoke following a test
Push button/software controlled pneumatic upper vent
Multi-tip, multi-angle stainless steel parts
Precise control allowing software controlled calibration

NBS Smoke Density Chamber Download Brochure
Evolved Gas Toxicity Apparatus

Industrial pannels

Technical Specifications:

Electrical: 220 Volts AC 50Hz / 440 3 PHASE Volts AC 50Hz.
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 75°C.
Evolved Gas Toxicity Apparatus Download Brochure
Oxygen Index Test Module

Micro hardness tester

Technical Specifications:

Electrical: 115 Volts AC 60Hz / 230 Volts AC 50Hz.
Ambient Temperature: Operating 10°C to 85°C.
Repeatability (typical):
Linearity (typical):
Oxygen Index Test Module Download Brochure
Temperature sensor Module

Temperature Sensor and display

Technical Specifications:

Electrical: 230vAC 50Hz / 115V 60Hz
Operating Temperature: 10°C to 35°C
Test Temperature: Ambient to 400°C
Flow: Flow through column adjustable from 0 to 20 nl/min
Gas Supplies: (38 psi) minimum

Analyser: Range: 0 to 100%C Repeatability (typical): ± 0.1% Linearity (typical): ± 0.1%
Temperature Index Test Module Download Brochure


HENOBIX BRANDED LVDT and POTENTIOMETRE is very rugged and accurayely works even in water.
ip67 and temperature resistant even in 80%c temp it works perfectly.

UL 94 Flammability Chamber Download Brochure

Calliebration Testing Maschine.

  Integrated with high precision electronic scale. Using thermo gravimetry. Quickly, automatically and continuously
  Tests 19 samples in every experiment; automatic system with control of software. Using the advanced heating element and heat preservation materials to ensure the furnace body in stable condition.
  Meanwhile, the temperature rise more quickly, temperature control will be more precise, and malfunction rate lower.
  With the advanced and appropriate dust suction and fume exhaust devices, the testing results will be more precise and the laboratory cleaner.
  Data collection, calculation, print, and restoration are automatically done by computer.
  Adopting precise reference source, low temperature drift and high precision operational amplifier, and 12-Bit A/D conversion chip in the controlling card, the instrument has the functions of cold end compensation, over-temperature protection both in hardware and software.
  Adopting the advanced USB technology, one computer can control several instruments. And the synthesized instrument can be composed combined with other instruments.
  Completely support Windows systems; high stability; can link electronic scale and share data in long distance through network.

Torque Wrench Calberation Maschine

HENOBIX__This maschine is available in both auto and manual operations. size are adjustable and variable depending on wrench size.
Isoperibol Bomb Calorimeter Download Brochure

Impact Teting Maschine

Product Description
  1. Having both CHARPY and IZOD units
  2. Both having adjustable
  3. digital display
Bomb Calorimeter BCM-SMART Download Brochure
Bomb Calorimeter zr

NABL/NPL Certification .

The CALLIBERATION CERTIFICATES is very important for todays industries of all types of testing perametres. Which are provided by GOVERNMENT.

we provide certificates of NPL and also NABL and some other. some maschines is equipped with Self Calibration Software.
Bomb Calorimeter ZR Download Brochure

Extensometre testing maschine

• Extension testion of rubber type material
• Best accuracy and less work
• also making extensometre with tensile rubber testing maschine
• Extensometer Testing Machine can record the displacement between its cross heads on which the specimen is held. However, this method not only records the change in length of the specimen but also all other extending / elastic components of the testing machine and its drive systems including any slipping of the specimen in the grips. Once the machine is started it begins to apply an increasing load on a specimen.
• Industrial Maschines
• testing of rubber extension
• and also plastics
• size varies
• ip67 featured

Kitagawa Gas Detector Tubes Download Brochure

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